Bitte Bitte Leavenworth as a 2,500 annual minimum per address. Meals can be split out over 3 dates in the calendar year or in one retreat.

In-Home Meals

Bitte Bitte serves private residences if:
the address owner resides in-county
The event is for an earth or arts oriented organization

Food Safety!
It’s a Thing!
Retreat meals must be consumed within 50 minutes of service time. Please have ample power available for holding hot food hot and cold food cold. Bitte Bitte cannot package food to go or supply to go boxes. However, you are welcome to cart food on the table.

Delivered Meals

At present, Bitte Bitte is not licensed to deliver meals.

Food stories for meetings and gatherings.

Want something utterly photographable and interesting to talk about? Bitte Bitte creates food stories that translate your brand and messaging.. Let’s co-create an IG story, pins worth saving, or even a mini cookbook.Set the table to capture your audience beyond the scroll.