Bitte Bitte Leavenworth exists to make the world around it a little bit better with good food. We source as much as possible as close to home as possible and work with local growers to create retreat and meeting meals that benefit the health of our customers and our community.


There is, of course, a limit as to how much food we can source locally, and so yes, meat, seafood, and produce from large scale farms lands on our tables.

Even so, when we serve shrimp – it's wild caught. When we serve meat, we try to find the organic or humanely raised options.

Our menus are influenced by the growing season and Adrianne's multi-cultural heritage.

From black bread to dumplings, the language of the food we serve is familial and deeply rooted in memories of the family table.

Most everything we make is from scratch and by hand, eliminating as much single use packaging and unnecessary waste as possible.

That said, since we are seasonal and since we cook to the occasion, we simply don't have the room or license to preserve our own pickles and make our own vinegars. But if we did, we would.

Adrianne Dow Young is an author and writer who has been cooking professionally since 2006. Her love of restaurants and food service began in her grandmother's restaurant in New York.

Maui born, her menus combine a mix of cultures and culinary languages. As a former deep organic, no-till farmer, each dish is created to feature the season and tell the story of the quirky mountain growing season.

As a mother, she makes simple, approachable meals that provide picky eaters with a few satisfying staples.

While she learned to cook alongside incredibly talented chefs, Adrianne's food reflects her natural inclination toward the unfussy and sublime. From vegan cinnamon-scented white bean, pumpkin stew to plum sauce pork ribs, each dish is made with comfort and delight in mind.