Winter Piano Retreat

Winter Piano Retreat

Oksana Ejokina’s piano retreats are always filled with talented musicians willing to push themselves creatively and physically. The menu was created to fuel rigorous days at the keyboard and brisk walks around a snowy campus.

Wednesday Dinner

Beef Stew | root vegetables | red wine

Vegetarian Stew | root vegetables | white wine

Bread & butter

Green Salad: carrots | cucumbers | soy, tahini, lemon dressing | lemon mustard vinaigrette

Thursday Lunch

Soy sauce chicken 

Sesame Noodle | pickled cabbage | carrots

Roasted Tofu | sweet chili sauce

Thursday Dinner

Root Vegetable Tian | chevre

Sliced Pork Loin | flayed | beaten | herbed | rolled | tied | roasted | sliced

Roasted vegetable salad : black rice | arugula

Friday Lunch

Vegetarian potato, leek soup 

Orzo Salad: peas | herbs | salad greens| red wine vinaigrette

Lemon Herb Chicken

(the) Portabellas: garlic | butter | rose vinegar | soy | lemon salt

Friday Dinner 

Roast beef | salt | pepper | time

Cauliflower steaks: ginger | green onion | turmeric | lemon | oil | garnished with lemon salt

Herbed Potatoes

Bead and Butter 

Green Salad | soy tahini lemon dressing | tarragon, lemon vinaigrette |

Saturday Lunch 

Herbed pork loin sandwich : caramelized onion | lemon vinaigrette dressed arugula | Gouda | mustard  

Roasted vegetable sandwich: squash | portablella | gouda | caramelized onion | arugula | balsamic reduction | olive oil | lemon salt 

Saturday Dinner 

Saffron lamb stew: cinnamon | caramelized onion

Vegetarian Pumpkin, white bean stew

Rice and turmeric cauliflower salad

Winter greens salad: kale | pea vines

Sunday Lunch

Tricia’s smoked salmon chowder | potatoes | smoked oysters | heavy cream

Sweet potato, corn chowder  

Apple, Celery, Spinach Salad