2022 Growing Season

The starts I seeded in March and April are now plants – the dining table (the Bitte Bitte nursery) is over full with peppers, tomatoes, squash, Shiso, and cucumber. They’ve been waiting to go into the ground but the ding dang mountain spring weather has made it downright uninhabitable for most every plant species. The over-babied Armenian cucumber and Bush Scallop squash that I started super-way-too-early will simply wither into hapless cellulose if I sent it into the soil now. They both look frustrated and in need of food. They sigh. I sigh. Languishing has ensued.

This Spring, the joy of starting seeds pounced like a tiger on a warren of drunken bunnies. Out the window went any attempt at documentation. I planted each tray blind. I decided to rely on my memory of the seedlings themselves, since they are all from years of successive harvest of saved seed – each generation adapting better to the area’s wonky-donkey weather,

I was sure that I would remember which plants were which. So sure, that I figured I’d throw in a little challenge and went so far as to plant the stuff at the bottom of the seed box.

Yeah. I went there.

And then I started some seed saved I had saved from other growers’s fruit. Now, every morning, I look at the table with a “ruh-roh” before heading into the todo list.

While I can’t say I regret the decision – naked and blind gardening is fun – I can’t thank myself for my over-confidence. There is food to plan for and serve. Fortunately, the growers I work with are meticulous. And so I’m handing the weight of supply and harvest over to them.

Welcome to Bitte Bitte Leavenworth 2022 – The year of Garden Gun-It-And-Run-It.